Hard Word Book Club Continues with The Red Riding Quartet

On Wednesday, March 28, 7p, the Hard Wood Book Club takes it’s next step reading through David Peace’s Red Riding Quartet this year with the second novel, Nineteen Seventy-Seven. It takes place during the year of the Yorkshire Ripper Murders and two men will discover much worse is going on.

Bob Fraser and Jack Whitehead, two minor characters in the First Red Riding installment Nineteen Seventy-Four, find themselves in one cruel summer. Fraser is a police detective having an affair with a hooker, trying to protect her from the street life that has become more violent. Whitehead, the rival of Seventy-Four’s Eddie Dunford, is a star crime reporter whose politics of the job have made him subservient to the Yorkshire police. His coverage of The Ripper Murders reveal that not all of the murders were committed by the serial killer.

Their parallel journeys plunge into Yorkshire’s corruption. They find themselves against the system they are both a part of. Much light is shed, revealing the dark souls of characters we met in Seventy-Four. You also won’t ever look at a screwdriver the same way again, either.

The book makes for great discussion of institutionalized and individual evil. Nineteen Seventy-Seven is 10% off at BookPeople for those who attend. Also, there’s plenty of time to catch up with Nineteen Seventy-Four. We’re planning to discuss the third book, Nineteen Eighty, in August.

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