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MysteryPeople, BookPeople’s Mystery-Bookstore-within-a-Bookstore, is located at 603 North Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78703. You can contact MysteryPeople via email at

Have a question about an event? Finished with a series and want to know what to read next? Or did you just read a crime fiction novel you loved and think we should know about? We want to hear from you!

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You can also find MysteryPeople on facebook.

6 thoughts on “Contact MP

  1. Scott, how does one go about getting a book to you for your review? My mystery series, published by Bridle Path Press, is a mix of police procedural and cozy, set in the UK and featuring American protagonist Nora Tierney. I spent seven years writing interview articles for “Mystery Review” magazine before creating my own mystery. I also write a weekly mystery review blog at:

    Many thanks,
    Marni Graff

  2. Hi, my fourth mystery DEATH AT THE BAR X RANCH is being released in June and I was wondering how I go about getting a review on your blog. Mary Malone’s an unemployed teacher who takes on a case at a horse ranch that is intended for her PI brother whose apartment she has recently taken over.
    Marlene chabot

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