If You Like Rebus….

With Ian Rankin bringing back his popular Rebus character in his new book Standing in Another Man’s Grave, it made us think of other brooding detectives in fiction. We put together a list of other sleuths you may find as engaging as the hard case, Scottich DI.

1. George Simenon’s Inspector Maigret

First Book: Lock 14

The original moody police detective. Maigret’s mysteries have as much to do with life and French society as they do with murder. Still one of the greatest existential sleuths of all time.

2. Leighton Gage’s Mario Silva

First Book: Blood Of The Wicked

Silva is a rarity in San Paulo, Brazil – an honest cop. From an upper class family, he carries a dark history, delving into every social strata in his city for justice.


3. Russel D. McLean’s J. McNee

 First Book: The Good Son

An ex-copper turned PI in Dundee Scotland, McNee carries a smart mouth and a lot of baggage. His cases, like The Lost Sister, prove to be both emotionally and physically harrowing.

4. Jonathan Woods’ Inspector Diaz

First & Only Book: A Death In Mexico

Diaz is a policeman in cartel-controlled Mexico. Even though there are few vices he turns down, he has a personal sense of honor. Possibly the funniest of our picks.

5. Michael Robotham’s Joe O’Laughlin

First Book: Shatter

O’Laughlin is a British psychiatrist, who consults with the police and is suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Helooks into the most twisted minds of his country. His banter with ex-copper pal Ruiz is reminiscent of the way Rebus talks with his partners.

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