What is MysteryPeople?

“Scott is one of the foremost experts on crime fiction. I’d put him up against any college professor in a test of wits anytime. He saw the many influences that went into this book (The Ranger) — as diverse as classic Burt Reynolds films to Dashiell Hammett to the crime fiction of William Faulkner. Not much escapes Scott.” 

Bestselling Author Ace Atkins talking about the heart and soul of MysteryPeople, Crime Fiction Coordinator, Scott Montgomery.

Launched in the fall of 2010 by Crime Fiction Coordinator Scott Montgomery, MysteryPeople is Austin’s largest mystery bookstore, conveniently located inside of Austin’s largest independent bookstore, BookPeople. MysteryPeople is a destination for mystery and crime fiction lovers to find out what’s new and noteworthy on the shelves from our genre experts, and a place to learn about books and authors the major chains may ignore.

MysteryPeople is also events. Meet your favorite writer, discover a rising new voice in the genre, join other mystery and crime fiction writers at a meeting of the Hard Word Book Club, take a class on the History of Mystery – it’s all free.

MysteryPeople is more than just BookPeople’s Mystery section – we’re a hub of information, expertise, and connections to great writers. Keep up with MysteryPeople via facebook, right here on our blog, and through our monthly e-newsletter to keep up with other fans, indie and major publishers, and mystery writers themselves.

Who are the MysteryPeople?

Always a crime fiction fan, Scott Montgomery worked on the sales staff of the acclaimed and influential The Mystery Bookstore in Los Angeles for four years. After three years as a bookseller at BookPeople, Texas’ largest independent bookstore, he helped develop MysteryPeople, the mystery bookstore within the store. He has moderated panels for the annual Bouchercon mystery conference, Texas Festival Of Books, and other events. He has written articles and reviews for The Weekly Lizard blog, Crimespree magazine, and other blogs and publications. He also hosts The Murder in the Afternoon Book Club and Hard Word Book Club at BookPeople.

molly picAfter a chance viewing of the film Brick, Molly Odintz suddenly discovered a love for both detective novels and the Velvet Underground. Ten years of mysteries later, she now works at BookPeople, helping out with the crime section and still listening to a whole lot of Velvet Underground. She has moderated panels for the Texas Book Festival and she posts interviews with authors and reviews to the mystery blog, as well as preparing and formatting all blog posts and the monthly newsletter. She loves crime fiction, cooperative housing, and cats. Please ask her for recommendations, especially about international crime fiction, espionage thrillers, socially aware mysteries, and historical detective novels.


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  1. I’m a third year English Literature and Langauge student currently researching about Relationships/ Couples and Women within Detective Fiction. Specifically looking at the impact of relationships on the detective novel, as well as the roles and portrayal of women within detective fiction. The authors I have decided to focus on are Dorothy L. Sayer, Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle. Is there any thoughts on these topics that you might be willing to share with me?

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