Holy Exploding Pineapples, Batman!

Just came across the book trailer for Pineapple Grenade, the latest Tim Dorsey thriller starring Florida serial killer Serge Storms. Take a look:

That’s one powerful pineapple. We’re going to have to counter with an equally powerful Pineapple Grenade Punch when Dorsey’s here next month. A little Tito’s, a little pineapple juice, a little club soda. I’m feeling inspired.

Pineapple Grenade is on the shelves now. Publisher’s Weekly has a delightful review, saying, “…neither Dorsey’s fast-paced prose nor his delight in skewering human foolishness has lost its mischievous sparkle.” And whoever authored the Kirkus review is clearly a long time fan: “Don’t (rival CIA supervisors) realize that Serge belongs to no man, having dedicated himself wholly to Truth, Justice and Florida Trivia?”

Personally, I love this cover. The orange really pops out at you on the shelf. The book just looks like a good time. Which has me excited for Dorsey’s visit. Between the video and the book cover, I’m thinking a shopping trip for a Hawaiian shirt is in order.

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