Crime Fiction Friday: STRAY BULLETS by Jerry Bloomfield

Last month’s Beat To A Pulp story, “Stray Bullets” by Jerry Bloomfield, sparked discussion among quite a few authors, who also made sure to share the story online. In a very concise way Bloomfield shows the build up of pain that can cause vengeance. Let’s hope this is the first step in a long journey of work from this new author.

“Stray Bullets” by Jerry Bloomfield

“Just a stray bullet they said. One of them things. Freak accident. Some hunter took a shot at a deer, bullet went over a hill and bam. Ended his world. And the cops not doing a goddamned thing about it. A five-year-old boy, smart as a f***ing whip, dead and all he gets is a, We’re sorry about your loss.

Shit. He weren’t no goddamned idiot. He knew what the deal was. Juanita, that worked up there in the county clerk’s office, she done told him who the shooter was. And because it was the judge executive’s boy, nothing would be done. The boy was a football star, here where sports was king, and a straight ‘A’ student. Why ruin his life, his future, not to mention his daddy’s shot at being state senator? Over some piece of trailer trash? They f***ing breed like rabbits anyhow. Pop out another soon enough. Oh, yeah. He knows what they say, up there at the police station and over in the sheriff’s office. State police, mayor, game warden, all them f***ing a**holes.”

Click here to read the rest of the story.

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