MysteryPeople Q&A with Steven Saylor

  • Interview by Molly Odintz

I’ve been a fan of Steven Saylor’s Gordianus the Finder novels, along with the rest of my family, for quite some time. When Steven Saylor’s next visit to BookPeople drew close, I leaped at the opportunity to interview him about the series. Steven Saylor will be speaking and signing his second novel of Gordianus’s early adventures, Wrath of the Furieson Tuesday, November 3rd, at 7 PM on BookPeople’s second floor. 

Molly Odintz: First of all, what are your research methods like? Do you have a timeline going in your head at all times that you can just zoom in on for plot ideas?

Steven Saylor: I’m constantly roving through the ancient world—reading ancient authors, attending lectures at UT Austin and UC Berkeley, watching old gladiator movies (yes, that counts as research!)—but when I settle in to write a novel, I zoom in on that specific time and place, looking for the most fascinating people and all the juiciest details that could go into constructing a fast-paced, suspenseful, and meaningful story.

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MysteryPeople Review: THE WRATH OF FURIES by Steven Saylor

Steven Saylor, Austinite and author of the Gordianus the Finder historical detective novels, joins us at BookPeople to speak and sign his latest, Wrath of the Furieson Tuesday, November 3rd, at 7 PM

  • Post by Molly

wrath of the furiesSteven Saylor has thrilled us for years with the adventures of Gordianus the Finder, a private detective in ancient Rome. By the power gifted to him by the historical fiction genre, Gordianus, along with his former slave/later wife Bethesda, manages to meet most important figures and be at the center of most historical events in the transition from republic to dictatorship, serving as a cheeky guide to wonders and pitfalls of the ancient world. Saylor’s wrapped up his Roma Sub Rosa series, in which Gordianus first appears, and has recently embarked on a new series, Ancient World, exploring the world of Gordianus’ youth and focusing more on events across the Mediterranean.

In Seven Wonders, Gordianus and his tutor travel to each of the seven wonders of the ancient world, parting ways, at the end of the novel, in Egypt. Wrath of the Furies takes up where Seven Wonders leaves off, in the great city of Alexandria. Gordianus, young and in love with his Egyptian slave Bethesda, recklessly risks all to travel to the midst of a war zone to rescue an old friend. He encounters treachery, obstacles, and intrigue along the way, as he races to stop the anti-Roman crusader King Mithridates, who has come up with a plan to slaughter every Roman citizen within his conquered territory.

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