SHADOW TRACER: The Summer Action You’ve Been Looking For

If you love Meg Gardiner, you’ll relish her stand alone, The Shadow Tracer. You will want to clear your schedule before sitting down with it, since you won’t want to stop turning the pages. The book shows all of the author’s talents, undistilled.

Gardiner gives us one of her most fascinating heroines in Sarah Keller. In the first chapter, we see her working as a skip tracer in Oklahoma City. We get a a lot of cool details about the approach and philosophy of the job as she grabs someone in hiding. We also soon learn that Sarah is a fugitive herself.

She has been living under a different identity with Zoe, a little girl she took in and and became a mother too. When a bus accident blows their cover, Sarah takes the girl and starts running. She is pursued across the Southwest by the FBI, US Marshals, and the Worthes, the family Zoe is protecting them from.

The Shadow Tracer has the skill and craftsmanship of a well made movie thriller. Each character is clearly defined in his or her purpose. Many of their reasons, like many of the other reveals, are given at the exact right moment for dramatic impact. The pace and action are brilliantly executed with great set pieces, like the final confrontation at an airline graveyard. Gardiner also knows how to weave in humor so you don’t feel pummeled by a story that is so relentless. This could be the only edge of your seat thriller that has an Animal House reference.

This is Meg Gardiner at the top of her game. She gives us an incredibly competent and human heroine in constant danger, peeling the secrets away at a steady pace. DVR your favorite shows and forget about going to the movies. The Shadow Tracer gives us the summer action we crave.


MysteryPeople welcomes Meg Gardiner to speak about & sign The Shadow Tracer here at BookPeople on Thursday, June 27 at 7PM. If you can’t make it, you can order a signed copy via the store’s website.