To celebrate International Crime Fiction Month we’re giving our Crime Fiction Friday slot over to Akashic Books, known for their anthologies of noir tales that all take place in a particular city, and their Monday’s Are Murder post with a crime story that also takes place in a city and has to be under 500 words. One of their regular contributors is Irish writer Seamus Scanlon. Here, he looks at a murder in Galway where you’ll never hear a certain Neil Young song the same way again.

Crime Fiction Friday: “On The House” by Seamus Scanlon



  • Introduced by Crime Fiction Coordinator Scott Montgomery

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up we’d like to introduce you to Irish playwright and crime writer Seamus Scanlon. He has tight style and a dark sense of humor that can be seen in this tale of a robber who hits the wrong place of business, first published for Akashic’s “Mondays are Murder” series.

“On the House” by Seamus Scanlon

“It was a rainy day in Galway. Nothing new—Galway and rain are synonymous, along with fog, mist, hailstones, slippery footpaths, pneumonia. The canals, the docks, the Atlantic, Nimmo’s Pier, the Corrib, and Woodquay—watery graves for all tastes: for boys who wanted to be girls; for girls, young and big bellied; for women fecund with malignancies; for men uplifted by big black angels.

I was in Babe’s for a haircut. My mother usually shaved mine, but she had the palsy after a week drinking Pernod. She smelt like an aniseed graveyard. I could not wait until she recovered—I had it cut every last day of the month regardless of circumstances…”

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