Recommended Reads from Raul: Part Two

BookPeople is staffed by readers as prolific as they are discerning. Here, we continue our week of mystery recommendations from our first floor Inventory Manager Raul Chapa, who reads more books than seems humanly possible. 

9780385539364The Devil’s Evidence by Simon Kurt Unsworth

When unexplained fires consume both humans and demons in Hell, Thomas Fool, now Commander of the Information Office of Hell, is unable to make any headway before he is ordered to accompany Hell’s Delegation to Heaven. Experiencing Heaven is disconcerting because everything is supposed to be perfect, but Fool begins to notice certain imperfections that the angels do not grasp, and he is tasked to investigate what the angels cannot acknowledge – that there could actually be murder in Heaven. Having to balance the threat of the demons sent with him as well as insolence of the angels, Fool is left to follow the clues wherever they may lead, for there are forces at work that would agitate both Hell and Heaven to further their own agenda and plunge both the Infernal and Holy Realms into war. Unless Fool discovers out the truth. Truly a literary gem that plays out as a great mystery series with a one of a kind anti-hero!

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