There Are Visions to Be Seen: MysteryPeople Q&A with Marcie Rendon

  • Interview by Crime Fiction Coordinator Scott Montgomery


Marcie Rendon’s Murder On The Red River gives us a unique protagonist in Cash, a pool-hustling, truck-driving, American Indian girl, living on the North Dakota side of the Red River. Getting visions has her calling on her guardian, Sheriff Wheaton, to help investigate the murder of an Indian activist. Marcie delivers a vivid rendering of both place and character, something we discussed in this interview with her.

MysteryPeople Scott: Cash is a great heroine because she is as flawed as she is cool. How did you come up with her?

Marcie Rendon: Cash appeared as I was writing a story about a young woman who wrote songs in her head on her way to becoming a country western singer. That was the intended story. Cash had her own ideas about where her story was going. Cash can be just about any Native woman I know – incredible humanity, strength and resiliency in the face of much oppression.

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Three Picks for April

We’ve got a great selection of mysteries coming out this month, and we’re excited to highlight our favorite subgenres with this month’s picks. From rural noir, to Tartan noir, to Akashic’s new collection Oakland Noir, the picks below are all strong additions to the genre, each with a perfect sense of place.

murder2bon2bthe2bred2briverMurder On The Red River by Marcie R. Rendon

Cash, an Native American woman living on the North Dakota side of the Red River who has been through a lot in her nineteen years, helps out her guardian, a local sheriff, solve the murder of an Native man on the Minnesota side. Rondon creates a great, gritty sense of place to go along with her one of a kind heroine. Murder on the Red River comes out April 11th. Pre-order now!

9780316271776Every Night I Dream Of Hell by Malcolm MacKay

When his boss is arrested, enforcer Nate Colgan reluctantly takes the reins of his Glasgow crew, putting him between a dogged copper and his wicked ex, who may have her own criminal designs. Fast, funny, violent, and full of colorful criminals, this book is pure Scottish noir. Every Night I Dream of Hell comes out April 11th. Pre-order now!

9781617755309Oakland Noir edited by Jerry Thompson and Eddie Muller

California’s toughest city gets the Akashic treatment. Whether dealing with the postwar underworld or a one complicated land lady, this collection of stories covers the multicultural characters who love, fight, and survive in the city with some fine writing. You can find copies of Oakland Noir on our shelves and via