I Could Fit Five Bodies in the Trunk of My Sedan: MysteryPeople Q&A with Patrick Millikin

  • Post by Crime Fiction Coordinator Scott Montgomery

The Highway Kind is a collection of short crime fiction, dealing with cars, driving, and the road. It features crime and general fiction and even a singer/songwriter. Authors include the likes of Joe Lansdale, Ace Atkins, and Michael Connelly. We talked to to the editor Patrick Millikan about cars and crime.

MysteryPeople Scott: How did the idea of The Highway Kind come about?

Patrick Millikan: My original thought was that it would be cool to have an anthology of crime stories in which each author chose a particular car and wrote a story about it. The cars would be prominently featured. I was surprised that there hadn’t been (at least to my knowledge) a collection like it. Over time the idea morphed into something, at least in my opinion, much more interesting. As I mention in the preface, when I commissioned the stories I left the guidelines pretty open – the pieces would simply be about “cars, driving and the road.” As the stories started to come in I was surprised and intrigued by how personal, almost confessional, many of them were.

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Three Picks For March

As we sit in our armchairs, waiting for the cold weather to go away, here’s a few other things to look forward to…

world gone byWorld Gone By by Dennis Lehane

Denis Lehane finishes up the saga of Joe Coughlin, still involved with the Tampa mob as an adviser while raising his son. Both come into jeopardy when a traitor is thought to be in their midst. Lehane uses the backdrop of organized crime’s involvement in WWII and Cuba for an exciting and emotionally nuanced character portrait. World Gone By hits the shelves March 10. Pre-order now.

endangeredEndangered by C.J. Box

Joe Pickett’s next case is personal when his adopted daughter runs off with her rodeo cowboy boyfriend, Dallas Cates, and is found beaten in a ditch. Joe’s search for justice has him gong up against the whole Cate’s family. Few can create a pressure cooker of a story like C.J. Box and it is hard to beat his western setting. Endangered hits the shelves March 10. Pre-order now.

life or deathLife Or Death by Michael Robotham

Robotham gives us something completely different with this Texas-set novel dealing with a convict who escapes one day before his prison release and has both sides of the law after him and his (stolen) millions. Robotham keeps you guessing to the end as well as entertained with his involving characters. Life Or Death hits the shelves March 10. Pre-order now.