3 Picks for March

In The Morning I’ll Be Gone by Adrian McGinty

McGinty wraps up his Troubles Trilogy with Catholic, Belfast cop, Sean Duffy, tracking down a professional bomber. The book caps off a great look at Thatcher-era Ireland. Both Duffy’s sense of humor and justice make him a hero worth rooting for. When Ian Rankin was here last month, he gave high praise to these books.

Evil In All Its Disguises by Hilary Davidson

My favorite books of 2013 is now out in paperback. This third book in the Lily Moore series wraps up an elegant emotional arc for the travel writer heroine. Davidson also delivers first rate suspense with a colleague’s disappearance in Acapulco, a creepy hotel, and a connection to her old boyfriend.

You also have the chance to see Hilary Davidson at BookPeople on Thursday, April 24th at 6:30PM when she’s here with her latest, Blood Always Tells.

They Don’t Dance Much by James Ross

One of the first examples of rural noir. This tale of a road-house owner, a crooked sheriff, and a  femme fatale who is married to the richest man in town was recommended to me by both Daniel Woodrell and Joe R. Lansdale. If that’s not enough, Chandler was a fan, too. When the lead character’s name is Smut, you know your in hard-boiled high cotton.


Top 6 Books To Look Forward to In 2014

2014 is looking like a great year for crime fiction fans. It’s so good that while I was making a top 5 list of books I’m looking forward to, I realized I had to make it 6.


1. Hollow Girl by Reed Farrel Coleman

This will be a bittersweet read, since it will be the last book featuring my favorite contemporary private eye, Moe Prager. Moe is one of the most fully realized characters out there and this series contains some of the most poignant books I’ve ever read. I may be wiping tears as I turn pages. On Sale 5/18/14. Pre-order here.


2. Blood Always Tells by Hilary Davidson

As much as I love Hilary’s Lily Moore series, this novel of blackmail, kidnapping, and bad relationships sounds like the kind of book I’ve been waiting for her to write. Leaning her towards darker short fiction, this could be the Gone Girl of 2014. On Sale 4/15/14. Pre-order here.


james ellroy3. Perfidia by James Ellroy

Ellroy goes back to The City Of Angels to revisit some of the characters from his LA Quartet in their earlier days. This could be a return to the sprawling, stylish, down and dirty Ellroy we all got hooked on. On Sale 9/9/14. Pre-order here. 



4. The Poor Boy’s Game by Dennis Tafoya

I’ve been waiting years for Dennis Tafoya to come out with a new book – read Dope Thief to know why. This tale of an ex-US Marshall protecting her sister and step mother from her father on the streets of Philadelphia should have all the gritty heart I’ve come to expect from him and be well worth the wait. On Sale 4/29/14. Pre-order here.


5. In The Morning I’ll Be Gone by Adrian McGinty

The final installment of The Troubles Trilogy featuring Sean Duffy, a Catholic cop in Thatcher-era Belfast. My only hope is that McGinty will find a way to continue with this complex character and his biting sense of humor. On Sale 3/4/14. Pre-order here. 


6. The Fever by Megan Abbott

A new book by Megan Abbott. That’s all that needs to be said. On Sale 6/17/14. Pre-order here.