Happy New Year with Noir at the Bar!

Noir at the Bar

Help MysteryPeople kick off the new year with our famous (or infamous) Noir At The Bar! Join us on January 5th when we will have Noir at the Bar regular Jesse Sublett and two gritty up and comers, Josh Stallings and Daniel O’Shea, at Opal Divine’s on South Congress to read from their new work.

one more body

Author Josh Stallings has given us one of the best damaged anti-heroes to come down the road in a long time, Moses McGuire. In his latest, One More Body, McGuire, an ex-mob enforcer and strip club bouncer, gets the opportunity to expunge his criminal record if he rescues a police woman’s niece from the L.A. sex trade. If you haven’t read Josh Stallings, he’s like an unholy child of James Crumley and Andrew Vachss. Definitely an author not to be missed.


Though Detective John Lynch works on the right side of the law, it’s a blurry one. In Dan O’Shea’s debut novel Penance, we followed Chicago detective John Lynch as he uncovered the shooting of an elderly woman outside a church and it’s connection to a CIA cover up in the Seventies involving his father’s murder.  In his latest novel Greed, Lynch is in the middle of dirty politics and a high body count again, but this time connected to the world of blood diamonds. O’Shea’s action and his use of Chicago and its people make you feel like you’re right in the middle of your favorite cop movie. To put it simply, it’s epic.

So come out this Sunday, January 5th at 7PM at Opal Divines on 3601 S. Congress for Noir at the Bar. Jesse Sublett will be playing some great music, everyone we’ll read, and we’ll have all of their books available to pick up and have signed. So come on out, have a drink and kick off the New Year, noir style.

~ Scott