3 Picks for January

MysteryPeople’s Crime Fiction Coordinator, Scott M., kicks your year off the right way: with three new releases that are sure to get your heart bumpin’. Read on for more on these top picks.

The Ninja Daughter by Tori Eldridge
This book introduces us to a heroine I hope to follow for a long time. Lily Wong learned the skills of a ninja to avenge her sister and now uses them to help women in trouble with bad men. Eldrige grounds the pulp aspects of the book into something believable and human, giving us a fun mix of paperback action and Raymond Chandler with a feminist twist.
From The Grave by Jay Brandon
Edward Hall gets a chance to be reinstated as an attorney as .long as he takes a kidnapping case he is expected to lose since the victim is the D.A.’s sister. The only problem is he soon  realizes his client could be innocent and the case is linked to another crime. Brandon gets the details and culture of the court down to fascinating details. Jay Brandon will be signing and discussing From The Grave Friday, January 10th, 7PM at BookPeople.
The Wild One by Nick Petrie
Peter Ash, the former marine suffering from PTSD in Petrie’s series, travels to Reykjavik to locate a boy believed to be kidnapped by his father, discovering a government plot and several people out to kill him. Petrie mixes up a solid formula thriller that examines the nature of violence while it dishes a lot of it out.

These titles are available for purchase and pre-order from BookPeople now!

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