December’s Murder In the Afternoon Book Club Meeting

9781616149949_50198The Murder In The Afternoon book club continues the holiday tradition with a Mark Pryor book. His series character Hugo Marston, head of security for the U.S. embassy in Paris has been one of the most engaging creations in the last decade. The Button Man puts him in another time and place.
We go back to Hugo’s early days when he was stationed in London, killing time by looking into The Ripper Murders. His search in the past leads to him discovering a body of a young actress in the present. She and her movie star boyfriend are suspects in a hit and run that killed a farmer. The death leads to the actor being put in the embassy’s protective custody. When he gives them the slip, Hugo, with the help of an FBI agent and Merlyn, who he meets for the first time, follow his trail to a small village containing a conspiracy and a few more murders.
Mark is an engaging writer, so the discussion is well worth making time for. We will be meeting Monday, December 16th.

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