3 Picks for December

December’s picks range from the welcome return of a great character, the debut of two new ones, and an anthology that looks at the relationship between fiction and film.

Sweazy brings back Sonny Burton and former Texas Ranger dealing with an arm he lost in a gunfight with Bonnie and Clyde. Here he helps his ranger son track down an escaped convict he knows all too well. Sweazy creates a uniques place and time for two human yet very lethal men to square off.
9781944520861Alibi For A Dead Man by Wilson Toney
Bug and Roche, two operatives for The National Detective Agency, investigate a car accident where the driver was dead before the crash. The mystery leads to the hunt for loot from a bank heist, some shootouts, and a lot of quips in the fun throwback to the light P.I. novel.
9780525563884The Big Book Of Reel Murders edited by Otto Penzler
A mammoth collection of short crime stories, covering every subgenre, that inspired films. Penzler provides interesting commentary on both film and fiction to go along with each tale. A must for the many crime fiction lovers who are also film buffs.

These titles are available for purchase and pre-order from BookPeople in-store and online now.

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