Bullet Books Take Aim at MysteryPeople

9_twobodies_ebook-360x570Ride along with a hired killer trying to survive a deadly night in St. Louis. Follow a fugitive stand-up comic running for his life through the streets of Boston. Experience the early morning stench of a blood drenched dumpster. Feel the grip of a courtroom drama with lives hanging on the verdict!

Just in time for the Texas Book Festival and Bouchercon2019 is a new series, Bullet Books Speed Reads, from Austin-based publisher, Starpath Books. 12 in the collection are now available in the store with 13 additional short reads following in 2020.

Bullet Books are speed reads for the busy traveler, commuter, and beach-goer. All are new original crime fiction stories that can be read in two to three hours. They are meant for ‘grab and go’ before a trip or to be tucked into a stocking as a gift.

Although they are all crime fiction, they feature police procedurals, cat and mouse detective thrillers, courtroom dramas, and mysteries. Each story involves a different location and characters and there is something for everyone. There is one common character, a national newscaster that appears briefly in each story, and they are numbered for collectors.

Each Bullet Book is co-authored by Manning Wolfe with other distinguished authors:

Bullet Book #1: Killer Set: Drop the Mic with co-author Bill Rodgers follows the arrest and escape of a stand-up comic who is accused of killing a Boston comedy club owner.

Bullet Book #2: Iron 13 with co-author Billy Kring involves a retired secret service agent, the kidnapping of a U.S. senator’s wife, and a terrorist threat in Washington, D.C.

Bullet Book #3: Bloody Bead with co-author Helen Currie Foster follows a team of homicide detectives solving the mysterious murder of a woman in the suburbs of Denver.

Bullet Book #4: The Hot Seat with co-author Mark Pryor is set in Durham, North Carolina, and tracks a criminal prosecution and courtroom drama where there is no apparent murder weapon.

Bullet Book #5: Stabbed with co-author Kathy Waller follows a woman who solves the murder she is accused of committing in a quiet New England college town.

Bullet Book #6: Man in the Client Chair with co-author Jay Bandon tells the story of a husband-and-wife legal team who represent a senator in a high-profile divorce while they unravel a cold case murder in Baltimore.

Bullet Book #7: Only a Pawn in Their Game with co-author Kay Kendall takes the reader to Vienna with a young female intern into the dangerous world of competing spy rings.

Bullet Book #8: Dangerous Practice with co-author Suzanne Waltz follows a young doctor who becomes the key witness in an arms-smuggling operation in a small town on the Texas Gulf Coast.

Bullet Book #9: Two Bodies One Grave with co-author Scott Montgomery involves a double-crossed hired killer in the seedier parts of St. Louis.

Bullet Book #10: Last Call with co-author Laura Oles tells the story of a woman who inherits a Colorado Springs bar from her father and finds herself threatened by his organized crime buddies.

Bullet Book #11: The Last Straw with co-author V.P. Chandler involves a biology teacher trying to make the world a better place by poisoning mis-behaving children and a copycat who reveals her secret.

Bullet Book #12: The Neon Palm with co-author Elizabeth A. Garcia is the story of a young woman who changes her identity and flees to Tucson, only to have her troubled past follow her there when her estranged husband winds up dead on her apartment floor.

Find all 12 Bullet Books Speed Reads in a special display at MysteryPeople, inside BookPeople.

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