George Pellecanos Calls In To Murder In the Afternoon Book Club


I can’t wait for our Murder In The Afternoon to discuss George Pelecanos’ The Man Who Came Uptown, a rich, humanistic novel about the power of books and second chances. It was our Mystery People top pick for 2018. As soon as I knew the paperback was coming it got even when George Pelecanos agreed to join in on our discussion.

The story begins when, Michael Hudson, a man who has thrown away most of his life with petty crime and getting high, is released from prison when charges are dropped against him. Inside, he developed a love of books with the help of Ann, the prison librarian. Michael gets a dishwasher job, with a plan to go straight and discover more books, but is pulled back in. The private detective who got the witness to recant, has a sideline of robbing pimps and drug dealers and if Michael doesn’t agree to be his wheelman he’ll put him back in. It becomes even more complicated when he meets up with Ann on the outside.

Complex characters and simple virtues are what make this a great  book. Everyone has their angels and demons. It is how they deal with both that leads to an outcome. It also celebrates the pleasure of reading and gives several great book recommendations. It is a perfect discussion book, even made more interesting by the author calling in to join us. The Murder in the Afternoon book club will be meeting up on BookPeople’s third floor October 21st, at 1PM.

You can purchase The Man Who Came Uptown in-store and online at BookPeople now and receive a 10% discount when you mention that it’s for the Murder in the Afternoon book club.

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