Three Picks for October

Crime Fiction Coordinator, Scott Montgomery, has your required reading for October set with three picks you shouldn’t sleep on.


G. I. Confidential by Martin Limón

Seventies Seoul-stationed CID cops Sueno and Bascome make some new enemies, going after G.I. bank robbers and dealing with a General who has a Colonel Kurtz bent. Limón continues to flesh out his lifers while depicting Korean and army life, along with a slam bang thriller.




9781641290807_0d283 Sarah Jane by James Sallis

This book combines character study, police procedural , and regional novel for this tale of a female deputy in the Ozarks who becomes sheriff when the previous one is murdered. Sallis captures both the voice and heart of a survivor.





9781643960319The Dead Beat Scroll

August Riordan returns to San Fransisco to find his former partner murdered. His search for justice leads to Chinatown gangsters, sugar daddies, and scroll manuscript of Kerouac. A fun traditional P.I. novel that uses its setting for all it’s worth. Mark will be at BookPeople October 28th at 7PM with authors L.A. Chandlar and Heather Harper Ellet.



You can grab copies of all three of Scott’s picks this month in-store and online at BookPeople.

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