Make IQ Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show Summer Read!


Jimmy Fallon has announced the first ever Tonight Show Summer Reads list! 

On his top 5 is one of our favorite books of last year, IQ. And now you can vote to make it Fallon’s top pick & summer read for the show! Vote now for this fantastic read.

Back when the book came out our own Molly Odintz said, “Joe Ide has turned his childhood growing up in South Central LA and his love for Sherlock Holmes into a unique take on the Holmes/Watson origin story. IQ follows Isaiah Quintabe (IQ) during his teenage years, after the death of his brother forces Isaiah to turn his superintelligence to moneymaking schemes with his street-smart roommate Dodson, and in his adulthood, as he teams up with an old frenemy to find out who’s trying to derail a rapper from finishing his next album. As Ide switches between then and now, we follow Isaiah’s path from teenage mastermind to confident private investigator. IQ especially shines in its moments between characters – IQ’s strained relationship with Dodson allows both the characters plenty of room for growth. Calvin “Black the Knife” Wright, a rapper slowly undergoing a complete mental breakdown, provides some excellent comic relief for what would otherwise be a dour tale. If IQ gets a movie deal, Cal will definitely steal the show.”

Read more about it on our site and vote now!


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