The Hard Word Book Club Spends the Summer with Parker


  • Post by Crime Fiction Coordinator Scott Montgomery

One of our three mystery book clubs here at the store, and the only one dedicated to hardboiled and noir fiction, gets rougher than ever this summer. The Hard Word Book Club has decided to bookend the the summer with the toughest heistman in history. Donald Westlake planned to end the literary life of his ice-cold robber Parker, written under the pseudonym, Richard Stark, in 1974, then decided to bring him back in 1994. We’ll be doing the aptly titled Comeback in August. For this month, it’s the supposed swan song, Butcher’s Moon.

In Butcher’s Moon, the author wraps up loose ends and throws a larcenous reunion. Parker and his partner Grofeld return to the amusement park where Parker had to hide their loot in the book Slayground. When they find it missing, Parker figures the local mob took it. When the badder guys capture Grofeld when they attempt to get it back, Parker takes it personal and calls in every reliable hood he’s worked with to rob the organization, get his partner, and get revenge.

One of the darkest in the series, Butcher’s Moon shows Parker in a different light. We will discuss the book, the series up to that point, and heist novels in general. Join us on BookPeople’s third floor, Wednesday June 28th at 7PM. The book is 10% off to those who plan to attend. Return August 30th for Comeback.

The Hard Word Book Club meets to discuss Butcher’s Moon on Wednesday, June 28th at 7 PM on BookPeople’s third floor. You can find copies of Butcher’s Moon on our shelves and via

You can find copies of Comeback on our shelves and via

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