Three Picks for March

After the spree of events this past February, now’s the time to take a breather and catch up on new reads. March is another busy month for mystery new releases – we recommend starting with the volumes below. 

9781617754982The Painted Gun by Bradley Spinelli

Set in 1997 San Fransisco, researcher for hire, David Crane is handsomely paid by a low rent private eye to find a missing artist only known as Ashley. The only clue- all of her paintings are of David. A trail of shoot-outs, quips, crazy characters takes him all the way to Guatemala and a deadly conspiracy in this fun, funky ode to classic hard boiled novels with an absurdest touch. The Painted Gun comes out March 7th. Pre-order now!

9781616957841Lucky by Henry Chang

New York police detective Jack Yu is pulled back to the Chinatown streets to end the crime spree of street gang leader and Jack’s blood brother Tat “Lucky” Louis before he is done in by the triads. Chang delivers a an engaging cop thriller that features some great robbery set pieces that delves deep into Chinatown lives and customs. Lucky comes out March 7th. Pre-order now!

9781455563319Down City: A Daughter’s Story of Love, Memory and Murder by Leah Carroll

Reminiscent of James Ellroy’s My Dark Places and Maggie Nelson’s The Red Parts, Leah Carroll’s new memoir details a murder in the family and the profound consequences to follow. Carroll’s parents both met untimely deaths – her mother was murdered when she was a young child; her father drank himself to death by the time she was 18. Both her parents loved her dearly, yet each faced a combination of bad luck and runaway addictions. This is the best kind of true crime story – one which mourns, and explores, but does not exploit. Down City comes out March 7th. Pre-order now!


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