MysteryPeople Review: CLOWNFISH BLUES by Tim Dorsey

  • Review by MysteryPeople Contributor Meike Alana

Tim Dorsey, known for his mischievous characters and their bizarre adventures, comes to BookPeople to speak and sign his latest novel of Floridian high-jinks, Clownfish Blues, on Sunday, March 5th, at 5 PM

9780062429223Florida author Tim Dorsey has gained a zealous following for his hilarious series featuring Serge A. Storms and his perpetually baked sidekick Coleman. In Clownfish Blues, the pair’s 20th outing, the duo hit the road in a vintage silver Corvette to shoot their own episodes of Serge’s favorite classic TV series “Route 66”. (Route 66 doesn’t pass through Florida, you say? Doesn’t matter, as it seems that about a dozen episodes near the end of the series were actually filmed in Florida—a fact that only Florida history buff Serge would be sure to know.)

In usual fashion, Serge and Coleman encounter one gut-busting adventure after another while crisscrossing the state. From worm-grunting (yep, it’s a thing) to dabbling in high tech to hostage negotiation, the twosome try their hands at a number of avocations they know nothing about yet fake admirably. Their trip threatens to go off the rails when they inadvertently get tied up in a lottery corruption scheme that puts them crossways with everyone from people laundering money for drug cartels to shady convenience store owners and crooked investors. But Serge always comes up with a plan, and things fall in place when Coleman manages to save the day (albeit usually accidentally and despite his liberal use of mind-altering substances.) Some characters from Dorsey’s previous works—Serge’s former flame Brook Campanella and journalist Reevis Tome—also join the hilarity.

Tim Dorsey was a reporter and editor for the Tampa Tribune from 1987 to 1999, and has been gifting his readers with a zany and highly original Serge A. Storms novel annually since 2006. He is a master at writing about the insanity and weirdness that can only be found in Florida. Comparisons to fellow Florida author Carl Hiaassen are inevitable, but Tim Dorsey is in a class of his own and his latest is not to be missed.

You can find copies of Clownfish Blues on our shelves and via Tim Dorsey comes to BookPeople to speak and sign his latest on Sunday, March 5th, at 5 PM. 

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