Letters to Santa: Phillip Marlowe and Parker


We continue our crime fiction letters to Santa with two more: a hero and anti-hero of hard boiled fiction.


To One Mr. Clause,

As the boulevard plays its symphony of car horns and bustling masses congregate outside my window, I turn to these wishes to make the walk down those mean streets a little lighter.

  • Pipe tobacco
  • New chess set
  • Updated LA street map
  • A trustworthy client
  • The kind of brunette that makes you think of apple pie sitting on a Midwest window sill
  • Similes

Phillip Marlowe

Fat Man:

If you deliver these goods, you get to back to Mrs. Clause and the reindeer unharmed.

  • Blueprints for National Bank
  • A box man who can do his job in under five
  • A .45 automatic that doesn’t jam
  • Get Grofeld to shut up
  • A look out who won’t stab me in back
  • 3lbs of plastique explosives
  • Even terser dialogue

Come alone, no damn elves.


You can find works from Raymond Chandler and Richard Stark on our shelves and via bookpeople.com. 

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