Letters to Santa: Tom Ripley Edition

MysteryPeople will feature letters to Santa from beloved (or infamous) mystery characters throughout the month of December. Our first letter comes from everyone’s favorite 1950s psychopath, Tom Ripley, and takes place between the first and second in the series. 


Dear Santa,

talented mr ripleyWhile I have many desires for this Christmas season, there’s no room to detail them all here. I’ve had quite a productive year, traveling across Europe, sailing the Mediterranean, acquiring the wealth and status I have always dreamed of, and acquiring the elegant company I have so desired. I certainly have miles to go to ensure a long-lasting happiness, and to secure my status in the world, and to these ends, I do have a few small requests.

  • I would like to secure a certain measure of security, as well as status. To this end, please send the documents and companions necessary to fully take on the life of a (particular) upper class gentleman.
  • I would like swimsuits to be banned, and for all to wear full linen suits with Italian leather shoes to the beach.
  • I would like a fine companion, all to myself.
  • I would like the deed to an Italian villa, preferably secluded.
  • I would like a standing reservation for skiing in the alps.
  • I would like (as has been the case before) to have little notice taken of me, that I might live in the shadows and achieve my wildest dreams.
  • And of course, I would like a yacht. Make that two yachts. One for the Riviera and one for the Cote D’Azure.

Best regards,

Tom Ripley

You can find Patricia Highsmith’s Ripley novels on our shelves or via bookpeople.com. The series begins with The Talented Mr. Ripleyand continues with Ripley Underground, Ripley’s Game, The Boy Who Followed Ripleyand Ripley Under Water

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