Crime Fiction Friday:”Only Arson” by R. D. Sullivan



  • Selected and Introduced by Scott Montgomery
On our trip to Bouchercon New Orleans, we were happy to meet R.D. Sullivan. She was hanging out with the cool kids like Josh Stallings, Thomas Pluck, and Christa Faust, so we could tell she was an author we wanted to get to know.  The following story, which we’re re-posting from Shotgun Honey, shows Sullivan’s ability to capture a character’s voice. Plus, it has a killer last line. 

“Only Arson” by R. D. Sullivan

‘It’s only arson. Arson ain’t that bad of a charge. I mean, sure, it’s a felony and all, but the sentence could be a lot worse. Here in sunny California, I’ll do a year and a half to three years, not even max sec. In and out again before the kid gets old enough to start school, easy peasy…”

Read the rest of the story.


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