Crime Fiction Friday: “Neighbors” by Mel Odom



  • Selected and Introduced by Scott Montgomery

Mel Odom is best known for his sci-fi and fantasy writing, but in this story for Beat To A Pulp, he shows he can write a hard boiled crime tale with the grit, pathos and extreme violence of the best of them.

“Neighbors” by Mel Odom

‘….”No,” David said, raising his voice and surprising all of them. “You want to hear this. Trust me. You do Especially you, Néstor. It’s important.”

Rudolpho exchanged looks with Néstor, then looked back at David. “Go ahead, but step it up.”

Néstor cursed.

“Anyway, I found these neighbors. Guys like me who didn’t come back from the war like they’d gone in.” David licked his lips, wishing he had a bottle of water. “They helped me pull it together. I helped them too. Together we got better. We were here, in Chicago, at a veteran’s hospital. I got my plumbing license. They got jobs. We settled in and started families here—in the neighborhood. We figured we were lucky, you know. Finally got that quiet, simple life we wanted. Then you guys moved in a month ago.”‘

Read the rest of the story.


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