Scott’s Top Ten Mysteries of 2016 (So Far)

97803991730351. Where It Hurts by Reed Farrel Coleman

Coleman gives us a new character, ex-cop Gus Murphy, in a mystery involving old school mobsters, questionable cops, and a confrontation with loss and despair. After this hard-boiled story with heart, I can’t wait to see where this wounded hero is going. Signed copies available!


2. The Second Life Of Nick Mason by Steve Hamilton9780399574320

One of the best crafted crime novels I’ve read in some time, featuring a small time hood whose early prison release has him forced to do the bidding of criminal kingpin. Everything Hamilton sets up with his sharp premise falls perfectly into place by the end.

97800623698573. What Remains Of Me by Allison Gaylin

A layered Hollywood thriller with the murder of a movie star tied to the woman found guilty for shooting his director buddy when she was a teenager. Gaylin dives into celebrity crime, tapping into dark social psychology.

97801431287174. Speakers Of The Dead by J. Aaron Sanders

A great historical yarn with a young Walt Whitman and his new editor/old lover trying to crack open a murder case that a freind was hanged for. With grave robbers, dark alleys of 1840s New York, and appearance by Edgar Allen Poe, sanders creates one hell of a yarn.

97803162641745. The Second Girl by David Swinson

The first in what will hopefully be many books featuring Frank Marr, PI and junkie. A mistaken deed of heroics puts him on the mean D.C. streets looking for an abducted girl as well as a fix. A believably flawed character you can’t help but root for.

97816338808496. A Thousand Falling Crows by Larry D. Sweazy

A Texas ranger who lost his arm chasing after Bonnie and Clyde looks for a man’s missing daughter tied to some boys with Dillinger dream and a killer who leaves the bodies og young women in the fields for the birds to feast on. Sweazy puts you in a fast Ford coupe on a dirt road with the bullets flying.

97803163294087. Honky-Tonk Samurai by Joe R. Lansdale

Lansdale brings back his boys Hap and Leonard as newly minted private eyes and drops them in a case involving a used car/prostitute ring, a transgender pimp, and inbred cannibal assassins. Pure Texas pulp pleasure. Signed copies available!

8. Night Work by David C. Taylor9780765374851

Taylor’s fifties New York cop, Michael Cassidy gets the duty of guarding Castro when the mob, Cuban loyalists, and our government want him dead. A well paced historical-police-political thriller that wonderfully evokes place and time. Signed copies available!

97812500099689. Murder At The 42nd Street Library by Con Lehane

This one introduces another new hero, Raymond Ambler, crime fiction curator for the New York public library, who, along with his friends, delves into the literary world’s sordid secrets to solve a murder in their workplace. A strong plot, vivid characters, and a working person’s view of new York make for an engaging mystery.

978031626794610. Close Your Eyes by Michael Robotham

Psychologist Joe Loughlin is pulled into a case after a former student-turned-competitor botches it. One of the most fully realized characters in contemporary thrillers.


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