The Hard Word Book Club Goes Italian

Hard Word Book Club to discuss: The Night of the Panthers by Piergiorgio Pulixi

9781609452759June’s Hard Word Book Club celebrates International Crime Fiction Month with a discussion of The Night Of The Panthers by Piergiorgio Pulixi. It is a book that is a violent and blunt look at the streets and politics of Italy, full of moral ambiguity. The book reads as if the television show The Shield was dropped in the country.

The novel starts with Irene Pistelli, an ambitious agent for the National Crime Bureau out to put the lid on a mafia war. To do this, she must cut a deal with Biago Mazzeo, the leader of an elite narcotics unit, who was just arrested for being in bed with the mob. As Biago cuts a deal with Pistolli, his unit kill a cop as they try to break another member out of custody. Biago must play his alliances off one another with his own life and those of his men on the line.

This look at dishonorable men trying to keep their honor in a dishonorable and violent world allows for a lot to discuss. The Hard Word Book Club will meet at 7PM, on BookPeople’s third floor, on Wednesday June 29th. Books are 10% off in-store to those who attend. You can find copies of The Night of the Panthers on our shelves and via

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