Crime Fiction Friday: “Lluvia, Leche y Sangre” by John Manuel Arias



  • Introduced by Scott M.

In honor of International Crime Fiction Month the rest of June’s Crime Fiction Fridays will share a link to a story on Akashic Books’ Mondays are Murder series, where each Monday they post a story under 700 words that take place in cities around the world. Our first stop is San Jose, Costa Rica, where to author John Manuel Aria, marriage and murder are not just an North American mix. He also gives one of the best descriptions of the taste of a cigarette.

“Lluvia Leche y Sangre” by John Manuel Arias

“Without realizing it, she had bludgeoned him to death with a statue of La Virgen de los Ángeles.

But how had it killed him? It was just a hollow, bronze replica of the black Madonna and child. Was it because it was filled with holy water? Or because she had slammed it like a machete into sugar cane?”

Read the rest of the story.

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