Three Picks for June

  • Post by Scott M.

June gives us three distinct private eyes that both build on and subvert the fedora and .45 standard.


The Second Girl by David Swinson

A former DC police detective, turned PI, Frank Marr, busts into a drug den to feed his habit and discovers a kidnapped girl. Now a local hero, he is asked to locate an abducted child that could be linked to the previous one. Frank races against the clock while struggling with his addiction. Great for fans of Lehane and Pelecanos. The Second Girl comes out June 7th. Pre-order now!


Charcoal Joe by Walter Mosley

A new case brings Easy Rawlins in the employ of his his buddy Mouse’s associate, who is behind bars. In order to get a physicist that works with the criminal cleared of a murder rap, he has to hit the streets of 1968 Compton, finding hard answers, a few bodies, and his own share of violence. Mosely delivers a complete world brought to life by his jazz style prose. Charcoal Joe comes out June 14th. Pre-order now!


Murder On The Quay by Cara Black

Black travels back to Parian PI Aimee LeDuc’s first case tied to the murder of three German soldiers during the occupation. Few explore Paris’ culture, politics, and society with the depth of Cara Black. Cara Black , joined by Lisa Sandlin, will be speaking and signing her latest on Thursday, June 23rd, at 7 PM

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