Noir at the Bar Gets a New Home



Our famed Austin Noir At The Bar is moving to a new location on May 12th. The good folks at Threadgill’s asked to be our new hosts and we were quick to say yes. To inaugurate the move we have a strong lineup of talent to read.

Con Lehane returns with a novel after an absence close to a decade. His series featuring bartender Brian McNulty are worth trying to find. With his new novel, Murder At The 42nd Street Library, he introduces us to the crime fiction curator for The New York Public Library. Con gives a great New Yorker’s view of the city.

Jordan Harper is quickly becoming one of the more respected writers among his peers. His day job is for writing TV shows like “The Mentalist” and “Gotham.” At night, he writes some of the best down and dirty crime fiction. His collection, Love And Other Wounds is full of great, violent tales of life on the margins.

Les Edgerton has had a life that could have been a noir novel. Luckily, he survived to write some of the strongest, lived-in crime novels. His latest is an edgy caper story, Bomb. Les has a talent for finding humanity in the darkness.

As always, Jesse Sublett will be providing music and reading. His 1960s Austin Gangsters is one of the best books abut the city. So join us at 7pm, Thursday, May 12th, at Threadgill’s on 301 West Riverside Dr. There will be plenty of room! Books by the authors will be there to sell. Come out and help celebrate this big change in our life of crime.

2 thoughts on “Noir at the Bar Gets a New Home

  1. […] Thursday, May is noir night at Threadgill’s. Join me and my pals to hear a couple of new murder ballads in my repertoire and hear real, live authors read their new books. I’ll be kicking things off with my guitar and our host with the most, ace bookseller Scott Montgomery, and bitchin’ blogger Molly Odintz will be there to make sure you can buy one or three or more of the books we’re meeting up to talk about. Order some food, drink some libations, hang out and dig the scene. […]

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