Crime Fiction Friday: “Nature of the Beast” by Paul D. Marks


  • Introduced by Crime Fiction Coordinator Scott Montgomery

The latest piece of fiction to be posted on Beat To A Pulp, “Nature of the Beast” by Paul D. Marks, is the story of an LA hitman whose latest assignment makes him rethink his career. It uses the city well and is hardboiled as hell.

“Nature of the Beast” by Paul D. Marks

Jack Lake was a mother—ing SOB. He knew it. He didn’t give a –. And unlike the hitmen with the hearts of gold he laughed at in the movies—hitmen who took pity on their marks and even saved their asses—he didn’t give a — about the marks, or little kids whose parents were marks. Hell, he wouldn’t have given a — if the little kids were his marks. And — collateral damage, if there was any—but he was good enough that there wasn’t. It’s an ugly, sick world. A job’s a job. And he was good at what he did.

Read the rest of the story, complete with curse words.

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