Crime Fiction Friday: “A Shortage of Things To Say” by Albert Tucher



  • Introduced by Crime Fiction Coordinator Scott Montgomery

In honor of the great American holiday of Spring Break, we thought we would give you a tropical vacation, with a murder of course, this week. Albert Tucher’s short story in Spintingler is a great use of character and location. Grab a Mai-tai, read, and enjoy.

“A Shortage of Things to Say” by Albert Tucher

‘”Interesting,” said the fisherman.

“How is it interesting?” said Coutinho.

It struck him as anything but.

“You could say that’s the southernmost dead man in the United States.”

Coutinho got the joke. No one who drove through the nearby town of Na’alehu could miss the signs in every window:

“The Southernmost Restaurant in the United States.”

“The Southernmost Bar.”

“The Southernmost Gas Station.”

Take that, Key West.’

Read the rest of the story.

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