Crime Fiction Friday: “Lucky Me” by Debbie Mumford


  • Introduced by Crime Fiction Coordinator Scott Montgomery

Spinetingler online magazine is a great source for crime fiction reviews, interviews, and fiction. In one of Spinetingler’s latest fiction posts, Debbie Mumford gives us a detective solving a homicide with a talking corpse.

“Lucky Me” by Debbie Mumford

“The crime scene investigation I worked today turned sour when the victim spoke to me.

My partner, Jack Barnes, and I had been called to a dimly lit alley in downtown Portland. The early morning mist had burned off, leaving the pavement damp. The multi-story brick and mortar buildings on either side huddled close as if protecting the small figure centered in their midst, though she was beyond anyone’s help.

The air at the mouth of the alley smelled of freshly baked bread and cinnamon, but the odor turned fetid as I neared the corpse.

Read the rest of the story.

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