Scott’s Top Ten of 2015

  • Post by Crime Fiction Coordinator Scott Montgomery

If there was a common thread through the best books of 2015, it was ambition. Authors stretched themselves by taking on large subjects or writing something much different, or taking their series characters down a different path. All of these authors raised the bar for themselves and leaped over it.

hollow man1. Hollow Man by Mark Pryor

Pryor’s smart use of point of view puts us in the head of Dominic – Austin prosecutor, musician, and sociopath – who gets involved with a robbery and to continue to tap into his darker nature when things go bad. One of the freshest and best neo-noirs to come down the pike.

the cartel2. The Cartel by Don Winslow

Winslow’s sequel to The Power Of The Dog reignites the blood feud between DEA agent Art Keller and cartel head Adán Barrera in epic fashion to show the disastrous effect of the war on drugs in Mexico. A book that both enrages and entertains.

long and faraway gone3. The Long & Faraway Gone by Lou Berney

A private detective’s latest case takes him him back to Oklahoma City where he was once the lone survivor of a movie theater robbery. At the same time a woman plots to a trap for the man who is believed to have murdered her sister a month after that robbery. Berney skillfully tells three mystery stories to explore the ideas of survival and loss.

canary duane swierczynski4. Canary by Duane Swierczynski

A college girl forced to become a confidential informant attempts to play both the cops and drug dealers off each other to get out of her circumstances in this gritty, entertaining, and surprisingly poignant novel.

guise of anotehr5. The Guise Of Another by Allen Eskens

A disgraced cop working Fraud thinks he has found his way back to glory when he looks into the recent death of a man who died ten years earlier. Eskins moves seamlessly from procedural, to thriller, to noir by revealing his hero piece by piece.

the devils share97809969480056. The Devil’s Share by Wallace Stroby & Young Americans by Josh Stallings

Both of these books understand it’s not as much the crime as it is the characters committing it that make a great heist novel. That said, both have great set pieces; The Devil’s Share deals with the hijacking of Iraqi art about to be repatriated, and The “Young Americans” are robbing a gay disco during the glitter rock era of the Seventies.

ville rat7. The Ville Rat by Martin Limon

Limon continues with Sueno and Bacome, two CID cops in 70s Korea, focusing more on the military as they try to solve a murder connected to a mysterious black marketeer. A thrilling mystery that delves into class and race in the Army.

love and other wounds8. Love And Other Wounds by Jordan Harper

These stories that take place in the dive bars and back alley’s of low life America are told with a fierce, hard boiled attitude. Sharp and smart, they prove that even those with the blackest of hearts still have human beat to it.

savage lane9. Savage Lane by Jason Starr

Starr focuses his look at people doing bad things in suburbia. It’s a fun dark exploration of how fantasies can get the best of us.

all involved10. All Involved by Ryan Gattis

A mosaic approach to covering the lives of several people during the week long Rodney King Riots. Person by person we get a better understanding of a society pushed to its brink.


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One thought on “Scott’s Top Ten of 2015

  1. This was a great year for books, especially for murder/mystery and suspense. I am looking forward to adding a few of these to my TBR list (thank you!) The book I enjoyed most this year was “Uncontrolled Spin” by author Jerry Summers ( The author has extensive experience in law enforcement and it shows in his novel. The book follows main character Sean Green and his multi-million dollar marketing business, the budding romance with his newest client Jessica Silva, and the murder of his best friend. This is a thriller book that really has it all (romance, suspense, in depth characters, and lots of plot twists and turns!) I can’t recommend it enough. It is the first of the series and I can’t wait for the next one! Hope you will check it out for 2016 🙂

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