Top Five Texas Authors of 2015

  • List compiled by Crime Fiction Coordinator Scott Montgomery

This year authors from our home state showcased the wide breadth of story material to be found in the state of Texas.The novels below take a look at past and present, with settings ranging from small towns to our big cities, often showing how the Lone Star State effects the United States.

97800622594001. Pleasantville by Attica Locke

An involving story of a lawyer with a murder client tied to a current election in the early Nineties, Attica Locke’s latest novel delves into Houston’s black society and the relationship between Texas and U.S. politics. Locke uses a legal thriller set-up and private eye approach to show how the social and institutional interact. You can find copies of Pleasantville on our shelves and via

97814642042412. Dark Places by Reavis Wortham

The latest in The Red River Mystery Series has half the lawmen of Center Springs searching for their teen relation, Pepper,who has run away to be a part of the summer of love in San Francisco, with the other half stuck in town dealing with some deadly killers. Wortham continues to look at the effect the Sixties had on small town life with both suspense and heart. You can find copies of Dark Places on our shelves and via

97816338804673. A Deadly Affair At Bobtail Ridge by Terry Shames

Police Chief Samuel Craddock has to tread lightly when his neighbor is threatened and the connections he makes are to a past she wants forgotten. Shames balances the humor of small town society with the pathos of its individuals for a fully realized novel. You can find copies of A Deadly Affair At Bobtail Ridge on our shelves and via

97819410261994. The Do-Right by Lisa Sandlin

A Watergate era private-eye novel featuring a former rig worker, who just put out his investigators shingle and his assistant who is just gotten parole after doing time for shooting her rapists. Its use of backdrop, Galveston, family secrets to take a unique look at the business of oil and politics gives the novel the feeling of Ross MacDonald with a twang. You can find copies of The Do-Right on our shelves and via

97812500397055. Between the Living and the Dead by Bill Crider

The latest Dan Rhodes mystery has our sheriff dealing with a murder involving meth, used cars, and a haunted house. A fun, laid back mystery, full of entertaining characters. You can find copies of Between the Living and the Dead on our shelves and via

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