Murder in the Afternoon Book Club Celebrates Ross Macdonald’s 100th


  • Post by Scott Montgomery

On Tuesday, December 15th, at 2 PM, our Murder In the Afternoon Book Club will belatedly (by two days) celebrate the 100th birthday of one of private eye fiction’s greatest. Ross Macdonald gave the genre both a psychological edge and social resonance with his aware, loner detective Lew Archer. The book we’ll be discussing, The Underground Man, is the epitome of MacDonald.

Archer’s neighbor hires him to find her son, kidnapped by his father and his father’s mistress. They head toward her mother-in-law’s home, near an area plagued by a huge forest fire. Soon, Archer finds the husband dead, but the mistress and boy are still missing. In his search for the boy, Archer follows a labyrinth trail of Macdonald tropes, family secrets, losers looking for their shot, blackmail, and dangerous love.

The Underground Man will provide a great discussion – about the novel, and equally about its creator. We will be meeting at BookPeople’s cafe at 2PM on Tuesday, December 15th. The book is 10% off at the registers for those who attend. You can find copies of The Underground Man on our shelves and via

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