Crime Fiction Friday: “Blood From A Stone” by Liam Sweeny

Liam Sweeny is a rising talent in the crime fiction world with a knowing voice that grabs a reader. In this story, recently featured on Spinetingler, he gives us a debt collector having a very bad day.

Blood From A Stone” by Liam Sweeny

“Skip-tracing is an inglorious vocation. Sure, the money’s okay, but only if you’re good. Same goes for job security. But nobody wants to know what you do. Well, maybe they do, like if you were a cop, but there’s always the arm’s length they keep you at. You aren’t one of them. They have debt. They all have debts. And you represent the pimp they have to deal with when they stiff their hookers. Your calls are met with fear, indignation, loathing, and sometimes rage.

I’m Carlton. I’m the banker’s pimp.”

Read the rest of the story. 

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