Murder In The Afternoon Book Club to Discuss: DEATH WITHOUT COMPANY by Craig Johnson


At our September 15th Murder In The Afternoon Book Club, we won’t only be discussing Craig Johnson’s second book, Death Without Company, we’ll be talking to Craig himself. This book proves that his debut, The Cold Dish, wasn’t beginner’s luck. It’s a mystery that deals with a Wyoming subculture and someone very close to the series’ hero, Walt Longmire.

9780143124818The story takes place soon after the events in The Cold Dish, with things looking up for our sheriff as he waits for his daughter Cady to return home for the holidays. However, trouble swells when a woman at The Durant Home For Assisted Living is found poisoned. Of Basque descent, she immigrated from a section of Spain that became prominent in Wyoming’s sheep industry. She also has a sordid history with Lucian Connally, Absoroka, the sheriff before Walt who was also his mentor.

We’re excited to have Craig call in! He’s very funny and insightful. We’ll be meeting at 2PM on the third floor Tuesday, September 15th. The book is 10% off for those who plan to attend.

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