MysteryPeople Review: X by Sue Grafton

xIn anticipation of Sue Grafton’s appearance here at BookPeople, here’s a review from bookseller Michael Stuart of Grafton’s latest alphabet mystery, X. Grafton comes to BookPeople to speak and sign her latest Monday, August 31st, at 7 PM. Find out more event details.

  • Post by Michael Stuart

It’s been a while since I checked in with Kinsey Millhone, the narrator of Sue Grafton’s “alphabet mysteries.” I’ve missed a few letters here and there But I’m glad I made the trip back to read Grafton’s latest mystery, simply titled X.

Although time moves a little slower in the fictional town of Santa Theresa, CA (it’s still the 1980s) the action doesn’t slow down. Kinsey is juggling several cases involving old secrets and hidden identities.

First, a wealthy heiress hires Kinsey to locate her son, given up for adoption after a youthful indiscretion. He has just been released from prison and she says she wants to make up for her mistakes. Also, while helping a fellow P.I’s widow straighten out his old business, Kinsey finds a coded message and some other items hidden in a box of old files. Her investigation might prove that he was a hero or a  villain.

Meanwhile, at home Kinsey is dealing with her landlord’s efforts to conserve water during the drought and the quirky new neighbors who may not be as neighborly as the pretend.

As always Grafton’s story flows without stopping and characters are well drawn and believable. Kinsey is as smart, funny, grumpy, lazy, hard-working and passionate as ever. I am going back to pick up the letters I missed and eagerly look forward to what “W”  will bring.

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One thought on “MysteryPeople Review: X by Sue Grafton

  1. Just finished’ X’ . Wonderful. If you read’ F is for Fugitive,’ there is a paragraph on ‘zero’ which I think alludes to her last book.

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