Crime Fiction Friday: THE GOLD POT by George Wier


George Wier joins us for Noir at the Bar on Monday, May 4th, at 7 PM. Noir at the Bar takes place at Opal Divine’s on South Congress and the event is free and open to the public. Books from Wier and others, including Wier’s latest, Murder in Elysium, will be available for sale at the event. Here is George Wier’s latest short story, “The Gold Pot”.

“The Gold Pot” by George Wier

““Need is no factor in luck,” Lattie said as she dealt the final round. I sniffed. Any professional gambler will tell you that statement isn’t entirely true. The fact is, the greater the need, the less likely luck is to strike, which definitely makes it a factor. A negative factor. It’s a reverse proposition, and any player worth his salt knows this from hard experience. The problem is, when you’re in it up to the short hairs, it’s that much more difficult to fold. Which was why there were, as yet, no vacant chairs at Frank Somer’s poker table.”

Read the rest of the story.


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