MysteryPeople Q&A with Bruce Rehburg

Bruce Rehburg grew up on an Army base in Germany during the early Sixties. He makes use of this unique past with his debut novel, November’s Shadow. The hero Steve Bodowksi is an Army CID in 1963 Germany, struggling with his drinking and clouded past. When the mutilated body of a young girl is discovered outside the Army base, he is the only shot for truth to be discovered – a truth both the Germans and the Army want covered up.

MysteryPeople: What drew you to set a story in 1963 Germany?

Bruce Rehburg: They say, write what you know. That’s why I choose the setting.

MP: What is the biggest misconception about the period?

BR: Often, we idealize the past. Thinking that, somehow, people were “different” back then is just plain wrong.

MP: Bodowski is an intriguing, flawed hero. how did he come about?

BR: He’s a composite of protagonists from various novels.

MP: November’s Shadow switches between Bodowksi’s fall as a cop and the case he works on in Germany. How did you balance the time lines?

BR: I made it easy on myself by penning so many chapters. Finding good spots to insert back story became easy.

MP: This being your first novel, did you draw from any influences?

BR: I was influenced by every novel I had read that made effective use of flashbacks.

MP: What’s been the best thing about having your first book published?

BR: I had the satisfaction of having gone through the process.

Bruce Rehburg joins us for Noir at the Bar Monday, May 4, at 7 pm, at the Opal Divine’s on South Congress. Come join us for a night of booze, books and crime fiction. You can find copies of November’s Shadow via Copies will also be available for purchase at Noir at the Bar. 

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