robert parker lullaby

This month’s Hard Word Book Club looks at one of the most popular tough guys. Robert B Parker’s Spenser put a modern male spin on the classic private eye. He could braise a chicken and beat up a thug with equal skill. When Mr. Parker died, author Ace Atkins picked up the Spenser flame. Our April pick, Lullaby, is the first of Ace Atkins’ Spenser continuation.

Lullaby shows the Boston knight at his finest. Spenser helps a fourteen year old Southie girl find out who really killed her mother four years ago. The investigation leads to the remnants of the gang run by his classic nemesis, Joe Broz. With his tough-as-the-streets partner, Hawk, Spenser gets justice.

Ace will be calling into our discussion to cover topics such as defining the modern hero and the experience of taking over an iconic character from an other author. Join us at 7PM, Wednesday, April 29th on our third floor. The book is 10% off at the register to those who attend. Our book for May will be Joe R. Lansdale’s The Thicket, with the author calling in. Both Ace Atkins and Joe R. Lansdale come to BookPeople this summer! Keep an eye on BookPeople’s events calendar for more information closer to the date.

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