Hard Word Book Club Discussing THE MAGDALEN MARTYRS by Ken Bruen, Followed By Screening

magdalen martyrsThe Hard Word Book club will meet to discuss Ken Bruen’s Gaelic Noir masterpiece, The Magdalen Martyrs, Wednesday, March 25, at 7 PM, on BookPeople’s Third Floor. We will follow the book discussion with a special screening of “The Magdalen Martyrs” episode of the Jack Taylor series, starring Iain Glenn. Books for book clubs are 10% off in the month of their selection.

The Hard Word Book Club continues to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with its latest discussion of one of Ireland’s finest. The Magdalen Martyrs is considered to be Ken Bruen in top form. The Magdalen Martyrs proves Bruen a master of Gaelic Noir on two counts: the novel is very Irish and very, very dark.

The Magdalen Martyrs is Bruen’s third book to chronicle Jack Taylor. Taylor is an ex-gardi (Irish police) with a major drink and drug problem, issues with his mother, a love of books, and a lot of self loathing. To make ends meet, he hires himself out as a “finder” in Galway; detective being a dirty word in Ireland.

Jack has two jobs in The Magdalen Martyrs. A young man hires him to find out if his mother murdered his father like he believes. This taps into Jack’s toxic relationship with his own mother. The second involves a favor called in by local badman Bill Cassell. Taylor’s second case quickly connects to the dark history of the Magdalen Laundry: a place where, for decades, the Catholic Church took in unwed mothers, adopted out their babies, and kept the unwed mothers for years as slave labor. A woman helped Cassell’s mother escape decades ago before she met his father and wants Jack to find the lady to thank her. Both cases turn up dark history that folks want left alone and some are willing to kill to keep secret.

The Magdalen Martyrs provides a lot to talk about, including Ken Bruen’s style of writing and what his subject matter. Join us on the 25th of March at 7 PM, on our third floor. The book is 10% off to those who attend. Following our discussion, we will also be viewing “The Magdalen Martyrs” episode of the Jack Taylor series staring Iain Glenn from Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones.


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