MysteryPeople Review: ENDANGERED by CJ Box


-Post by Michael S.

C. J. Box’s latest novel, Endangered, begins with murder most fowl. As Wyoming Game Warden Joe Pickett is investigating the obliteration of a flock of sage-grouse in his jurisdiction, he gets a call that his daughter, who ran off with rodeo hero Dallas Cates, has been found beaten and left for dead in a ditch. Joe is sure Cates is guilty but he’s got to prove it. And he’ll have to do it without the help of his friend, Nate Romanowski, who has been suspiciously ambushed and whose girlfriend is missing.

Demonstrating his characters’ sense of family and loyalty is one of Box’s strengths in his writing, and his new novel proves no exception. Joe is devoted to his wife and kids. His friendship with Nate has held strong through some tough times. His good heart and sense of justice keep him on the straight path. But in Endangered, Box shows us what can happen when family loyalty gets twisted. And the Cates family is twisted with a capital T. Dallas’ mother Brenda is one of the creepiest and most fascinating characters Box has ever given us.

I have enjoyed all of CJ Box’s books and this is one of the best. As always he takes several plotlines (the sage-grouse killings, Nate’s disappearance, April’s attack) and weaves them into an exciting, well-paced adventure with plenty of unexpected turns along the way. And even if you haven’t read a Joe Pickett book before, the characters are so well defined this would be a great place to jump in.

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