Crime Fiction Friday: FLASHING TIN by Trey R. Barker


Trey R. Barker will be joining Lou Berney, Bill Loehfelm, and Jesse Sublett for our Noir At The Bar, this Monday, February 16th, at 7 pm at Opal Divine’s down south. Trey is a great guy and an unflinching author. Like Jim Thompson, he takes a story to to the edge with no fear of falling off in books like Exit Blood and Slow Bleed. You can get a taste of his work in this story for Shotgun Honey.

“Flashing Tin” by Trey R. Barker

“He flashed tin and I laughed.

“Why’re you laughing?  I’m on the Merit Commission.”

As the junior member of minor commission that handed out minor Sheriff’s Office promotions.

“And?” I said.

“I gotta get home.”

“Road’s closed.  Whole town’s closed.”

“I know that.”  Red-faced, he shook his badge at me.

“Got some tin, huh?”  I made no move to let his minivan through the barricades.

“Your boss – the Sheriff – is a friend of mine.”

Pulling out my cell while my emergency lights cast us in red and blue shadows, I said, “A friend of yours, huh?  Well, then let’s call him.”

Two miles in front of us, the entire town seemed to burn, though it was really only the remnants of a freight train.  Better than twenty cars had derailed, most filled with ethanol.  The fire had been burning for two days now.  All of the town’s 350 residents had been evacuated, though only two houses had burned so far.  When I was doing a door to door search, I’d found this guy standing in his backyard watching the fire.  He adamantly hadn’t wanted to leave.”

Click here for the full story. 


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