Crime Fiction Friday: THUMP by Graham Bowlin


Sometimes I come across a short story that as soon as I read it, I want to share it with everyone I can think of. In under seven hundred words (one of the requirements for the great net-zine, Shotgun Honey), Graham Bowlin gives us punchy-yet-believable dialogue, sharp alliteration, pathos, and a good twist. I will now be looking for his other work.

“Thump” by Graham Bowlin

“When you called me man, I just couldn’t believe it,” Ray said into the bastard sun slicing through the windshield of the floor model Dodge Ram. “Never figured I’d even drive one of these. Forget owning.”

“If this is the one that you want,” the Salesman said. “You got an entire showroom to test drive, buddy.”

“Outta all the people, you called me. Just totally random?”

“Completely. Now maybe blue eyed Lisa saw your name, got all tingled, and pulled you outta the hat on purpose.”

Click here to read the full story.

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