7% Solution Book Club to Discuss: I HUNT KILLERS, by Barry Lyga

i hunt killers
On Monday, January 5, at 7pm, on BookPeople’s third floor, the Seven Percent Solution Book Club will be discussing Barry Lyga’s young adult mystery novel I Hunt Killers.

Lyga’s novel has an unusual premise – Jasper “Jazz” Dent, the protagonist of the novel, is the son of the most notorious serial killer of the century. Not only that, but “Dear Old Dad” took his young protege Jasper along for the ride, teaching him everything there is to know about serial killers, from the criminal’s perspective.

I Hunt Killers begins four years after police finally caught Jasper’s father. Jazz is now seventeen years old, wracked with guilt for his failure to prevent his father’s crimes, terrified that someday he will turn into his father, and looking for a way to use his specialized knowledge to help the police catch killers. When townspeople begin falling victim to a new killer in town, bent on mimicking Jasper’s father’s crimes, Jasper goes on the hunt to catch the murderer and clear his own name from suspicion along the way.

Jasper is aided in his quest by a colorful cast of characters, from the widower sheriff who is Jasper’s uneasy mentor, to his hemophiliac best friend and his supportive yet take-no-crap girlfriend. Lyga also adds in lots of factoids about serial killers and a high school production of The Crucible that mirrors the town’s witch hunt for someone to blame for the murders once again tearing apart their community. The suspense builds as two parallel sets of investigators – the police and Jasper, aided by his friends – grow closer to finding the killer.

Copies of I Hunt Killers are available on our shelves and via bookpeople.com. The 7% Solution Book Club meets the first Monday of each month. Our February book is Mr. Kiss and Tell, the second volume in Rob Thomas’s recent Veronica Mars spin-off series. Jennifer Graham, co-author of the novel, will be present at book club to answer any questions you might have about the novel, and Rob Thomas himself comes to BookPeople for a signing Friday, January 30, at 7 pm. As always, books for book clubs are 10% off when purchased the month of discussion.


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